Grandmas Buttons Counted Cross Stitch Kit

Step back in time with our Grandma’s Buttons Counted Cross Stitch Kit, a delightful way to blend artistry and family history in one stunning project. The design features a unique blank space in its center, offering the perfect spot for you to sew in buttons that hold sentimental value—be they from Grandma’s vintage collection or Mom’s well-loved button jar.

As you embroider this meaningful pattern and incorporate your family buttons, you’ll craft a striking visual piece and open a gateway to cherished memories and family stories. When displayed, your finished work will become an instant conversation starter, inviting friends and family to share and reminisce.

This kit comes complete with a 14-count Charles Craft fabric and will measure 8” by 5” when finished. Please note that the frame and buttons are not included—those are for you to personalize, making your creation truly one-of-a-kind.


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Kit Includes:

  • Chart and instructions
  • Needle
  • DMC Floss

The finished size is 8” by 5”. The frame and buttons are NOT included.

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  • An image of completed and framed Americana Sampler Stamped-On Cross Stitch Kit from the Posy Collection.