1776 Vintage Floral Sampler Stamped-On Cross Stitch Kit

Historically, samplers served as a canvas for young women to hone and showcase their stitching prowess, with patterns passed down through generations like treasured family stories. Now, we’re breathing new life into this cherished tradition, offering you a chance to craft your own piece of history.

Drawing inspiration from classic American samplers, our kit is designed to appeal to needleworkers across the spectrum, from beginners to seasoned pros. This isn’t just a craft project; it’s an opportunity to create a future heirloom that captures the spirit and beauty of our heritage.

The easy-to-stitch stamped-on pattern makes it easy for beginner stitchers to follow along and achieve professional-looking results. An embroidery hoop is recommended to ensure smooth and even stitching but is NOT included with the kit.


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Kit includes:

Sampler pattern preprinted in color on white cotton fabric.

  • Needle
  • DMC Floss
  • Instructions

The finished project measures 8″ by 8 ½”.  The frame is NOT included.

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  • An image of completed and framed Americana Sampler Stamped-On Cross Stitch Kit from the Posy Collection.