Free cross stitch patterns inspired by Pinterest

from The Posy Collection

Posy likes to browse Pinterest checking out new and interesting designs and crafts. Every now and then, she comes across something she thinks might look great in cross stitch! Below is a selection of free cross stitch patterns based on various Pins she has found.

Check back from time to time see what other inspired cross stitch projects develop!
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Plan A
"There are many times in our life where our plans and expectations fall short and I love this quote because it reminds us there is always another path, another option for us to find success." -Posy

Click here for the Plan A chart

Let It Snow

Let It Snow
"Once Christmas is over, we still have plenty of winter left and our minds turn to the magic of snow and the beauty it brings. I like this pillow project because it makes me think of a clean and white winter landscape ready for the family to go make snow angels and snowmen together." -Posy

Click here for the Let It Snow chart

Keep Calm and Wait for Santa

Keep Calm and Wait for Santa
"There are so many 'Keep Calm and...' designs floating around Pinterest, inspired by this original poster from Britain in WWII. My favorite has to be 'Keep Calm and Wait for Santa,' especially with the Santa hat replacing the crown. I hope this adds cheer to your household as Christmas approaches!" -Posy

Click here for the Keep Calm and Wait for Santa chart (Charts for uppercase and lowercase included).    

Rainbow Quote
"Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspirational sayings and images. I particularly like this one because of all the colors and the idea of remembering the beautiful weather more than the stormy weather. We all have rainbows and thunderstorms in our lives and this is a good reminder of what to cherish."-Posy

Click here for the Rainbow Quote chart.    

'I Love You' Alphabet
"Many historic cross stitch samplers were centered around the alphabet, which makes this so unique. It incorporates the alphabet but also has the sweet "I Love You" integrated into the pattern. I took the original square-shaped design and made it vertical instead- I think it really brings out the highlighted message. Take time to let someone you love know it with this design." -Posy

Click here for the 'I Love You' Alphabet chart (Charts for uppercase and lowercase included).    


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